What will you do with your extra 30 years?

What will you do with your extra 30 years?

How does a financial planning company highlight a progressive topic while encouraging creative planning for all life stages as we continue to live longer than ever before?

Have you ever thought of making a mid-career change, taking a sabbatical or risking a nest egg to pursue a dream project? Allianz recently found that one-third of Americans wish they had. The good news is that as we continue to live longer lives, we all have the opportunity to re-chart our course.

Allianz approached Bolster in the fall of 2015 with some fascinating data points and a unique perspective on longevity from Dr. Laura Carstensen, author of A Long Bright Future and director of the Stanford Center For Longevity. Our friends at Allianz were looking to Bolster to help tell the story of “longevity pioneers” to help us re-imagine our own life stages and how we plan for them. Bolster conducted a research and story discovery phase to find three stories in key demographics that would help bring this idea to life in an eight minute film that Allianz could utilize to introduce the topic of longevity planning to its producers.

The resulting film has been received and is performing incredibly well for Allianz. “The Bolster production team members were true partners with our creative team through every step of the process: from the initial research where we collaborated to evaluate the strength of the potential stories, to the pre-production where they worked out the logistics so we could get to 4 different locations on budget, to getting stories that were honest and heartfelt out of our principal characters in their own environments (and capturing the beauty of those environments), to creating magic in the finished video through their inspired editing and music selections,” said Rick Gibson of Allianz.

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Allianz // The Gift of Time

Allianz // The Gift of Time: Social Media Trailer

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