Crispin Hard Cider

Not all hard ciders
are created equal.

Not all hard ciders
are created equal.

From Orchard to Bottle

How does one cider company express what sets them apart in an overly crowded and rapidly growing marketplace?

Unlike its hard cider competitors, Crispin & Fox Barrel creates artisanal varieties from 100% fresh-pressed American fruit juice that can be enjoyed with food, like wine or champagne.

To bring this brand story to life, we created a visually dynamic, consumer and retailer-oriented brand video that takes viewers into the process – from orchard to bottle – to learn what really sets Crispin & Fox Barrel ciders apart.

Winner Cine Golden Eagle Award 2013


Crispin Cider: Orchard to Bottle

Hard Cider + Cuisine

People have been cooking and pairing cuisine with fine wines for centuries. With the quality of artisanal cider now standing shoulder to shoulder with fine wines, why not begin encouraging diners to explore the joys of cooking and pairing cuisine with hard cider?

In order to promote Crispin’s fine dining pairing possibilities, we conceived and filmed an invitation-only, cider-themed dinner hosted at Vincent, a celebrated French restaurant in Minneapolis. Additionally, we wanted to create a companion piece that made cooking with cider more accessible to the home cook. We kicked off a new video series called The Cider Kitchen, showcasing a unique and memorable cider-themed dinner party. This series will continue with further cider-recipe videos and will invite viewers to submit their own recipes for a chance to win Crispin and Fox Barrel prizes.

Crispin Cider Invitation
Crispin Cider Dinner
Cider Presents: Cooking with Friends

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