Morgan Stanley

Making an impact through wellness, nutrition and play.

Making an impact through wellness, nutrition and play.

How does a financial institution raise awareness and inspire volunteerism within its generous and ambitious program to build healthier cities?

With Millennials demanding stronger corporate social responsibility both as employees and consumers, robust and measurable CSR programs are no longer optional. Many corporations already have impactful programs in place – so the challenge becomes documenting the impact of that work in an emotionally compelling and highly shareable manner in order to inspire others to join in the effort.

Bolster partnered with Morgan Stanley to highlight the need for and showcase the impact of their Healthy Cities program in four cities across the US. We elected to begin with the voices of those who would be most affected by the life-changing program – the children. By bringing voices of the community together with voices of the partners in the effort, we wanted to paint an authentic portrait of the unique impact of Healthy Cities in each of four locations.

Morgan Stanley // Healthy Cities
Morgan Stanley // Healthy Cities Chicago
Morgan Stanley // Healthy Cities Newark
Morgan Stanley // Healthy Cities Oakland



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