Where creativity
meets the road.

Where creativity
meets the road.

When two things are meant to be together, the sum is often greater than the parts. When Trek bikes teamed up with ARTCRANK to fuse bikes with art, they asked, “How
can we tell this story?”

Trek and ARTCRANK were preparing to reveal a collaboration in which Trek commissioned original ARTCRANK artwork to cover its District Commuter Series bike, thus creating the first-ever “bike about art.” They needed a way to get the word out and to detail the unique story of collaboration that brought the bike to life. Bolster proposed creating a cinematic short film that fused bike making and art making, blurring the lines between the two while telling a story that any bike or art enthusiast would want to share.

Upon launch, the video was immediately picked up and distributed via popular digital magazines such as HYPEBEAST, THRILLIST, GEAR JUNKIE and XXC Magazine. This earned media created a buzz around the launch and garnered tens of thousands of views online.


“Bolster brought a wealth of exciting and intriguing ideas for bringing the story to life. The end result was a short film that’s drawn rave reviews from the day it debuted and still makes my heart beat a little faster every time I watch it.”
– Charles K. Youel, Director and Curator, ARTCRANK

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