Bottle Rocket

Dangerously Delicious

Elevated fare in a modern atmosphere with a pinch of nostalgia

How can a new restaurant in a residential neighborhood attract guests with a brand that feels both elevated and playful?

Blue Plate Restaurant Company and Bolster partnered on their 6th project, rebranding and redesigning a previous restaurant concept. Located in the middle of a residential neighborhood; Bottle Rocket serves elevated fare while maintaining a level of approachability, making this location appealing every day of the week.

Early in the connecting process, there was a desire to incorporate a sense of nostalgia and playfulness while maintaining a modern and sophisticated presence. This was accomplished through a combination of naming, graphical approach and interior finishes. The energy in the name allowed for an energetic and slightly whimsical approach to design elements. The logo system is intended to evolve with a guest’s experience. The primary, lit fuse version is displayed on external marketing materials. When guests arrive at the restaurant, they are greeted with a new logo that has transformed from a lit fuse into a full explosion.

Due to a separation of space and uniqueness in atmosphere, a sub-brand was created for the bar area of Bottle Rocket. Playing off of Bottle Rocket’s initials and continuing to use elements that create a sense of energy and motion, this sub-brand defines the space without breaking consistency.

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