Starbucks Reserve

Pushing the Boundaries of Craft Coffee

Crafting signage that best reflects the art and craft of the finished product

Starbucks Reserve Roastery pushes the boundaries ​of craft coffee, developing unique roasts before experimenting with coffee as an art form—brewing, ​aging, infusing and blending it into imaginative and ​often surprising creations.

The Roastery’s multi-sensory focused classes and tasting events need informational sign-up to both drive awareness and spark participation.

The goal was to craft a modular signage system that would engage ​visitors by promoting Starbucks Reserve Roastery’s unique, multi-sensory coffee experience through their brew classes and tasting events.​​

Taking inspiration from the beautiful large roasters, the architecture of the space, and the staff’s uniforms, the Bolster team built prototype concepts in our research and design lab in Portland, Oregon. Once the prototype was approved, the concepts were fabricated and installed at the flagship location in Seattle where they were well received by both staff and visitors.

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