Feeding America

Fighting the good fight.

Fighting the good fight.

How does America’s leading hunger-relief organization generate awareness of their cause and engage partners in their ongoing mission of addressing food insecurity across the U.S.?

It’s an unfortunate fact that 1 in 9 Americans aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from. One of the largest challenges in mobilizing people and organizations to help in the fight against hunger is overcoming inaccurate assumptions about who the individuals and families are who experience food insecurity.

Feeding America partnered with Bolster to create a series of short-film portraits of people being served by their network of food banks that provide more than 3 billion meals to families facing hunger each year. Through these documentary portraits, Bolster also created a video mission statement called “Feeding Hope” which serves as an introduction to the non-profit and opens the door for future donors, volunteers and partnerships.


Feeding Hope // Feeding America

Intersections of Food Insecurity // Feeding America

Invest An Acre

Feeding America also partners with organizations and community groups to create outreach programs that fight hunger at a local, community level. One such program is Invest An Acre, which makes it easy for farmers to donate one acre of their crops to their own local communities through a donation-matching program with Feeding America’s corporate partners.

To raise awareness for the Invest An Acre Program, Bolster worked with Feeding America to introduce farmers to their fellow crop growers who were already investing an acre to the cause through moving, authentic documentary portraits.


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