Fighting Chance Boxing Club

Confidence. Compassion. Community.

Confidence. Compassion. Community.

How does a start-up nonprofit raise both awareness and funding to support the life-changing youth programming happening in a vacant fire station in North Minneapolis?

Even while Minneapolis is consistently ranked among the healthiest cities in the country, North Minneapolis youth face significant barriers to opportunities for physical well being and mentorship that lead to long-term achievement.

By creating a safe space where youth can gather and engage in boxing, physical fitness, and nutrition programming (including a community kitchen and garden), the founders of Fighting Chance Boxing Club (their name was later changed to Northside Boxing Club) have a vision for a community of hopeful and empowered youth who—through their innovative programming—will achieve self-discipline, confidence, compassion, and respect.

Moved by what we saw in the start-up, Bolster approached the leadership of Fighting Chance and offered to help tell their founding story alongside the stories of the youth they serve as a pro bono awareness campaign. The awareness effort included updating the branding, capturing their story visually, and cascading it through a variety of print and digital media.

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