Cooking up
cross-cultural experiences.

Cooking up
cross-cultural experiences.

How does a family-owned, Indian meal-kit startup launch its brand in a manner that captures this magic and infuses it with the exotic and intriguing nature of its products?

Kavi and Elizabeth are partners in love—and in Kaveli, a company that provides hard-to-find Indian spices to create generations-old recipes handed down from Kavi’s mother. Their mixes make cooking a fun date-night activity or family-bonding event. In order to create a brand that manifested these core values, Bolster created a hand-drawn logo, business system, packaging designs, e-commerce website and brand video that cinematically told the Kaveli story. We additionally developed a long-term engagement plan based on key research findings to maximize earned media coverage.

Kaveli has enjoyed an extremely successful product launch and continues to experience rapid growth in online sales and specialty food shop placements nationwide.

Kaveli Logo

Bolster Case Study: Kaveli


Kaveli: An Indian Culinary Experience

“Working with Bolster, we were first really impressed with the depth of the creative work – not only the artistic talent that went into creating the imagery but also the positioning of the brand.”

– Kavi Chawla, Owner, Kaveli

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