RedBrick Health

A refreshing approach to health and wellness.

A refreshing approach to health and wellness.

How does a pioneer in the fast-moving world of population health management switch from being a smart start-up to a major player?

Behavioral science, cutting-edge technology, data analytics and a focus on the consumer experience has propelled RedBrick Health from a small start-up to an industry leader in population health management. But with that rapid growth, the brand’s visual identity and communications tactics were in need of a refresh to match the organization’s rapidly growing stature.

As RedBrick Health’s agency partner, Bolster was asked to guide them through a brand refresh that would help tell their story in a compelling manner for potential clients, as well as differentiate them from the competition with their loyal clients and fans. The result was a refreshed, visual language designed to help deliver the RedBrick Health brand message in a more clear and concise manner, while also bringing real stories of member successes to life in a friendly, approachable way.


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