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Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act.

Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act.

As Americans fight an uphill battle toward healthier living, how can we empower them with knowledge that becomes an inspiration to act?

Experience Life Magazine wanted to inspire and galvanize their readers to become their healthiest selves. They had collected and created a body of knowledge, yet needed a partner to transform that wisdom into an inspiring call to action.

To deliver a transformative experience, Bolster designed and developed a family of interactive frameworks to highlight and share Experience Life’s insights and provide a platform for motivation. From web to mobile to print, Experience Life’s “101 Ways” was brought to life in multi-dimensional ways that inspired readers to engage with the publication on a new level and take action to improve their health.


Revolutionary Act Website

“The app is truly amazing! I already loved the Rev Act site, but this has so much info right on my phone!
The app is beautiful as well and I love the shake and share functions!”
– Jen Y., Experience Life Reader

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